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Did you chip or lose a tooth? Did your child injure his or her mouth? Does someone in your family have a severe toothache? Stay calm and call Somerset Family Dental. We’re located in Gilbert, AZ and our phone number is 480-359-1478. If you’ve already done that and have a spare moment or two, look for the scenario that best fits your emergency and follow these simple directions:


Mix a teaspoon of salt with tap water for yourself or your family member to gargle. Apply a cold compress to the cheek and take or offer an anti-inflammatory medicine like ibuprofen, naproxen or aspirin.

Chipped Teeth

Rinse with warm water to remove any teeth fragments. Place any of the larger pieces of tooth in a glass of cold milk or water and save them for your dentist appointment with Dr. Lindsay Goss. Then apply a cold compress to the cheek to reduce any possible swelling.

Missing Teeth

Rinse the injured person’s mouth with cold water and hold the tooth in place with a fresh tissue or towel. If for whatever reason it is not possible to hold the tooth in place, put it in a glass of cold water instead. When you visit us, you’ll want to take the tooth with you.

Fractured Jaw

If you’ve already called Somerset Family Dental you probably already know that this emergency is best treated in a hospital emergency room. Rinse the mouth to remove any blood. Keep the jaw as still as possible while awaiting treatment.