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With Halloween candy consumption right around the corner, now is a great time to bring your family in for a dental exam! Dr. Brandon J. Ryff can look for cavities and other threats to your family’s oral health that the Halloween candy might accelerate.

At your child’s dental exam, Dr. Brandon J. Ryff will look around their mouth to take an evaluation of their hygiene and oral health. We want to detect potential dangers such as cavities or abnormal tooth eruption early so they are easier to take care of. The earlier the detection, the better.

We will take x-rays of your family’s mouths to be able to find cavities and other spots of decay and to observe how their teeth are developing.

Our dentist or hygienist will perform a deep and thorough clean and polish of the teeth, removing plaque and tartar that they find. They will also check the alignment of the teeth and their bite to be sure that your child’s mouth is functioning properly.

Somerset Family Dental wants you and your family to have great oral health for your whole lives, so we’ll help them know how to brush and floss their teeth with the proper technique.

To schedule your family’s next appointment with Dr. Brandon J. Ryff in Gilbert, Arizona, please call us today at 480-359-1478. Have a happy Halloween!