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It’s Halloween time! This time of years is always bustling about with fall colors and activities, costumes and scary decorations. But with all of the candy that comes on Halloween night, you have to take extra care to protect your family’s teeth from the cavities the candy can cause.

Choose the Right Snacks
Since having sugar in the mouth for long periods of time is the main cause of cavities, you should limit your children’s candy to kinds that are easy and quick to eat. Long-lasting candies like hard candy or sticky candy stay in the mouth longer and can often cause cavities.

Time Your Treats Right
Timing your kids’ candy consumption can also make a difference and make it safer for their teeth. If you have them eat their candy at meals, or soon after, the extra saliva will help cancel out the acids the candy helps make and will wash down any leftover food particles.

Save the Candy for Later
A great thing to do is to have your kids select a number of candies from their collection, say twenty-five pieces, that they can eat as part of Halloween. Then you can put the rest in the freezer as preparation for another holiday such as Christmas, or as a candy bank that they can withdraw from when they complete their chores.

Keep Brushing!
Help keep your children’s good habits up by teaching them to brush after eating their sweets.

If you’d like to learn more about what you can do to help your kids have a healthy Halloween this year or would like to schedule your family’s next appointment with Dr. Brandon J. Ryff, contact Somerset Family Dental in Gilbert, Arizona, today. Have a Happy Halloween!