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We have been talking a lot about oral cancer recently to help raise awareness of this disease. In previous blog posts, we have discussed potential risk factors and highlighted the importance of getting regularly screened. This time, we will be going over identifying the symptoms of oral cancer.

Oral cancer is so dangerous in part because it often goes unnoticed throughout its early stages. In addition, early symptoms can be easily ignored due to their similarity to benign occurrences in the mouth. Frequently, oral cancer manifests itself as a red or white patch in the mouth or a small ulcer not unlike a common canker sore. Because these mimic even the effects of a bite on the inside of your cheek, you should get anything that does not heal or return to normal in 14 days examined.

There are other symptoms as well. Lumps you can feel inside your mouth or neck, pain or difficulty swallowing, speaking, or chewing, prolonged hoarseness, and numbness in and around the mouth are all warning signs. Don’t write any of these off as temporary inconveniences if you experience them. Most oral cancer occurs in the front area of the mouth, although it can occur anywhere in the oral cavity. It is common between the cheek and gingiva covering the lower jaw for chewing tobacco users.

Oral cancer can be effectively treated if it is caught early while it is still small. Knowing and identifying its warning signs can expedite discovery and diagnosis. To talk about potential warning signs, please call Somerset Family Dental in Gilbert, AZ, today.